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Ignite Alabama spotlights Alabama start-ups and entrepreneurs who are building a 21st century economy in Alabama. The show also covers the latest research and technology that paves the way for innovation in business. The mission of Ignite Alabama is to spark innovation, creativity, and new ideas that empower and equip Alabama residents to start businesses and grow Alabama's economy. Ignite Alabama is a Shinecast® show by Sheree Martin.
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Jul 6, 2015

Soluble Therapeutics, Inc. was formed in 2008 to commercialize technogy developed by UAB researchers. This HSC™ Technology helps to deal with a bottleneck in pharmaceutical R&D--the identification of appropriate biologic solutions to deliver protein-based drugs.

In 2010 Dr. Joseph M. Garner came on board as CEO of Soluble Therapeutics, Inc. to lead the commercialization efforts and continue to validate the technology.

Director of Business Development, John McCarter, is the guest of this episode of Ignite Alabama. He began working with Soluble Therapeutics, Inc. in 2010 as an intern and moved through the ranks in business development.

John explains the company's transition from a primary focus on technology validation to the commercialization of the technology and expansion.

He also describes some of the capitalization sources, which have included significant infusion from venture capital funds and a $1 million NIH grant.

Soluble Therapeutics, Inc. has a global customer base and John explains how he uses webinars, LinkedIn and other internet-based communications technology to complement his marketing efforts at international conferences. 

We also talk about the attributes of a 21st century economy and whether Alabama and Birmingham is moving in the right direction.

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Ignite Alabama is a Shinecast® podcast developed, produced and hosted by Sheree Martin.