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Ignite Alabama spotlights Alabama start-ups and entrepreneurs who are building a 21st century economy in Alabama. The show also covers the latest research and technology that paves the way for innovation in business. The mission of Ignite Alabama is to spark innovation, creativity, and new ideas that empower and equip Alabama residents to start businesses and grow Alabama's economy. Ignite Alabama is a Shinecast® show by Sheree Martin.
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Ignite Alabama - Sparking Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Alabama




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Jul 21, 2015

In episode 6 of Ignite Alabama we met Jake Wright and Cole Kinchler, two of the co-founders of SimplyProse, an online writing platform, that is making some noise in the start-up world.

Jake and Cole are senior business majors at Auburn University. In this interview, Jake and Cole explain how they came up with the idea as part of the Tiger Cage business pitch competition in the Fall of 2014. The recognition they received from the Tiger Cage competition led to mentoring by Kyle Sandler of The Round House. SimplyProse recently moved forward in the Alabama Launchpad startup pitch competition.

In the SimplyProse platform writers find a space to create, critique and market their work for profit or personal enjoyment. Writers decide who is able to view and contribute to their work, which suggestions are most beneficial, and which publisher best fits their budget and objectives for their project. For publishers and literary professionals, finding engaging new content and sifting through submissions has never been more seamless. SimplyProse is dedicated to developing a writing community centered on collaboration and focused on furthering the creativity of the individual writer.

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